A New Upgrade of Selfie Stick?

Bring You the Ultimate Selfie Experience

iSteady Q comes with an innovative design of the rotatable arm. It is a handheld

anti-shake selfie stick, as well as a 360° face tracking gimbal in desktop use.

Built-in 360-degree Infinite Brushless Motor

Ensure Anti-shake Footage and Support Automatic Rotation

The accuracy of the brushless motor can be accurate to 0.02 degrees, which can help you to shoot smooth handheld footage. The design of 360° infinite rotary motor can support the video making of inception mode in handheld use and horizontal rotation in desktop use.

Innovative Design of the Rotatable Arm

360° Infinite Rotation and Face Tracking in Desktop Use

Rotate the arm by 90° to change the direction of rotation of the phone clamp, iSteady Q can transform into a 360° desktop gimbal, make it perfectly do 360° infinite horizontal rotation and 360° face tracking.

Super Friendly for Beginners

Create Inception Modes and Panoramic Video by Just One Click

Such cool inception and panoramic videos only take one click in the app to shoot, and iSteady Q can automatically do the rest for you. This feature is also available with remote control and allows you to operate more freely.

Smart Stabilization Selfie Stick,

Keep Your Shooting Stable & Smooth

Featuring a single-axis structure, iSteady Q is the best selfie stick to create silky smooth video. Your ideas are now within reach and you can go beyond the impossible to realize and display your full creativity on vlogs and TikTok.

Detachable Remote Control

Remotely and Instantly Take Photos and Videos

In handheld use, the wireless remote is storing in the handle's holder to control shooting. The other option is to swipe up and push out the wireless remote as an independent remote control. It ensures more freedom of movement and allows you to control remotely by just pressing the button.

**Remote control distance up to 10m/33ft

Great Integration of Multiple Features

Pocket Size, On-the-go

iSteady Q is integrated with multiple important parts including motorized phone clamp, tripod handle, extendable selfie stick and remote control. Weights only 195g, it is ultralight and perfectly fits into your pocket.

Low-angle Shooting

Unique Perspective of Filming

Don't need to lay down on the ground, just invert and stretch iSteady Q and you can easily take a taller appearance. Another essential application is when capturing small objects, low-angle shot can create the feeling of bigger, taller, wider, and closer.

Intelligent Interaction

is Absolutely as Fun as You Can Imagine

Find face tracking, object tracking, gesture control, and more intelligent features in the Hohem Joy app.

Delicate Design in Every Detail

Skin-friendly, non-slip leather handle, ergonomic design. iSteady Q is a popular, stylish, and comfortable choice.

The Versatile Selfie Stick

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