KOBA 2024 is a world-leading exhibition to showcase the most advanced and latest media equipment and techniques. On May 24, this four-day event held at COEX, Seoul, Korea, was brought to a close, attracting over 30000 participants and 600 exhibitors. It’s undoubtedly a marvelous occasion that enterprises and individuals don’t want to miss out on keeping abreast of trends in the video, image, sound and lighting industries.

Located in Hall D, in the same hall as Panasonic and Sony, Hohem participated in spectacular style, filling its stand with intelligent smartphone gimbals and camera gimbals, with an emphasis on the highly acclaimed iSteady M6 and iSteady MT2 in the international market. Hohem iSteady M6 is a 3-axis phone gimbal that revolutionizes the conventional orthogonal structure to enable unlimited movements, such as ultra-wide-angle shots and 360-degree infinite spin shots. Hohem iSteady MT2 is an all-round handheld gimbal compatible with smartphones and various cameras, and it features a quick release system to make it easy to change shooting devices, switch orientations and attach accessories. Both of them are equipped with a magnetic AI tracker, an independent module first designed by Hohem to break through the software limitation, allowing users to use auto-tracking with any APPs.

Those photography professionals and enthusiasts who flocked into the hall were quickly attracted by the intelligence and unique design of Hohem gimbals, and tried out several products enjoyably on the spot, making gestures such as OK, palm and thumb up to control shooting photos and videos. To their surprise and excitement, we brought and displayed eight samples of a new product that has not yet been released. The atmosphere at the scene exceeded our expectations; it was just incredible and amazing. The new product gained a lot of positive feedback from the audience, who showed great concern about when it would be officially released for sale, and some of them said it was exactly the gimbal they had been looking for.

We have always insisted on a user-oriented mindset in product design, and the feedback of the audience onsite was encouraging. KOBA 2024 created a good opportunity for us to have in-depth conversations with them, asking about the problems they had encountered with gimbals and their suggestions for product design. Conversations with users always provide us with inspiration to improve our products.

It's worth mentioning that Hohem celebrated its 10th anniversary during KOBA 2024, and we would like to express our gratitude to all visitors for spending this very meaningful time with us. Over the past ten years, we have always been committed to facilitating video shooting with the use of technology. In the future, we will continue our mission to help more people capture precious moments effortlessly.