Hohem is thrilled to announce its successful participation in the NAB Show 2024, held in Las Vegas from April 14th to 17th, 2024.

Hohem showcased its cutting-edge camera gimbals and smartphone gimbals, drawing the attention of countless video enthusiasts and professionals in related fields. The unique external AI sensors featured in Hohem's products caught the eye of both attendees and competitors, garnering interest and inquiries about their novel design.

As the demand for filming accessories continues to surge with the rise of short-form videos and live streaming, Hohem remains committed to providing technological conveniences to the visual imaging industry. At the exhibition, Hohem introduced its innovative AI tracking module, revolutionizing the way filmmakers capture dynamic footage.

Hohem's groundbreaking external AI tracker effortlessly identifies shapes of both people and objects, allowing for seamless and stable tracking shots with simple gesture controls. Its magnetic attachment capability enables easy mounting onto both smartphones and camera gimbals, with the flexibility to switch between orientations, whether shooting selfies or capturing scenes from different angles.

The distinctive product and booth design attracted a significant flow of visitors to Hohem's exhibit, where attendees had the opportunity to engage with the brand firsthand. Furthermore, Hohem arranged for five influencers, including @Gundars Magone, @Annie Glaudane, @Reinis Kaspars, @EMT Films, and @ihannahwilson, to share practical filming techniques and insights into using Hohem gimbals, enhancing the overall experience for attendees and reinforcing Hohem's position as a leader in gimbal technology.

This successful showcase at NAB 2024 underscores Hohem's commitment to innovation and its dedication to empowering filmmakers with advanced tools for creative expression.