Hohem made its mark at the 2023 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition), capturing the attention of tech enthusiasts and professionals from around the world.

We proudly showcased our latest products, including the iSteady V2s, iSteady XE, iSteady M6 smartphone gimbals, and the iSteady MT2 camera stabilizer. However, the true standout was our AI tracking products booth, featuring the iSteady M6 and iSteady MT2, both equipped with a remarkable AI tracking module that left photography enthusiasts in awe.

We offered visitors a hands-on experience with our products, allowing them to witness the exceptional performance and features. Attendees enthusiastically engaged in tech demos and interactive experiences, gaining a deeper understanding of our technological capabilities. Notably, our AI tracking system requires no additional app; users can easily activate auto-tracking with simple gestures. This feature is handy for solo shooting sessions, making photo and video shooting a breeze. Simply place the gimbal and make an 'OK' gesture, and it automatically captures the subject's face, body, and movement. These products generated considerable interest and received a warm response from the audience.

We engaged in meaningful discussions with industry partners and professionals, sharing the latest tech trends and setting the stage for future collaborations.

Hohem extends heartfelt thanks to all the visitors and partners who supported us during the exhibition. We look forward to sharing more innovations and exciting tech developments with you in the future.