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A New Vision of Interaction,

Built-in AI Vision Sensor

Hohem new AI smartphone gimbal iSteady V2 is built in AI vision sensor, and able to do smart tracking automatically without any apps. This product is not only a new breakthrough in phone gimbal market, but also a technological revolution for the gimbal industry.


Hohem AI Chip H2

NPU 0.6T Computing Power


Innovative Double-column Cooling System

Easy to cope with 60℃ extremely hot environments


Double Laminated Board Design

Ultimate Space Utilization

Hohem AI Chip H2

NPU 0.6T computing power with high performance, high integration and low latency.


Double-column Cooling System

The ultra-quiet fanless passive cooling solution is equipped with an innovative 'double column' cooling system, which will let the AI sensor quickly cooling through the clamping steel column, to ensure the AI sensor with a long time and high-performance operation.

*The stability of cooling system is verified in the extreme environment by simulating with a high temperature oven of 60 degrees and continuous 48 hours aging test.

Double Laminated Board Design,

Ultimate Space Utilization

iSteady V2 is designed with double laminated board, which includes dozens of components such as AI vision sensor, brightness adjustable LED video light and buttons are highly integrated in the phone clamp. It's such an ultimate space ultilization without adding any extra weight and size.

Quick Start, Just Turn On it.

Tracking without Limits for Any Apps

Tracking is easier than ever. iSteady V2 no need to wait to connect any third-party app and supports all platforms. Simply turn it on and it will start to track through its AI vision sensor with more accurate and faster response.

Portrait Position Customization,

Create Perfect Composition

Hohem AI calibration setting allows you to custom your position to compose the shot in different scenario within the visual tracking range.

Portrait Position Customization,
Create Perfect Composition

Brightness Adjustable LED Video Light

Unique diamond prism design of LED video light creates natural soft light for you.

Its brightness is adjustable with three different level of light and will satisfy your different needs.

Unbelievable Smart, Fast Response to Your Gesture

Just show your hand gesture and it will understand your needs

Three-axis Stabilization &

iSteady 4.0 Stabilization Algorithm

iSteady 4.0 anti-shake algorithm system brings you a buttery smooth footage and

let you easily make cinematic shots

Electronic image stabilization, cropping footage and losing quality.

1-axis and 2-axis stabilization, less stable.

iSteady V2 3-axis stabilization, create high resolution footage directly

Film a blockbuster with just one click?

Try the video template from Moment mode,

and take a inception video with just one click.

Unique Perspective

from Fantasic Low Angle

Switch to low angle shooting by turning the gimbal up side down. You will find the surprise from a different perspective to look the world

Longer battery life,

even can be a emergency power bank now.

iSteady V2 is convenient and travel-friendly, as it has 9 hours battery life,supports emergency charging of mobile phones and other electronic devices.

The size of the gimbal remains the same as the original but features a stronger battery life with 40% upgrade in battery capacity and 30% upgrade in operating time

Take High Resolution Footage Directly from the Native Camera

iSteady V2 is able to automatically follow you through its AI vision sensor without any phone app support,

which allows you to take the high resolution footage from phone native camera directly.

Comfortable Ergonomic Handle Design

The handle of iSteady V2 comes with soft and non-slip leather, which brings more comfortable feeling and better texture at the same time, letting you make video contents all day with pleasure.

Redefine Visual Tracking

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